Policy for accessing human sequencing data

Protected Human Sequencing Data

The following sequencing data (fastq and bam) are protected in order to maintain donor privacy.

  • Embryonic human sequencing data
  • Consented adult human sequencing data (will be made publicly available soon)

Note: The following data are publicly available

  • Mouse sequencing data
  • All processed and analysis data (at the replicate or study level)

Accessing protected sequencing data

To access protected human sequencing data:

  1. Send email to help@atlas-d2k.org stated your name, research/academic institution, the sequencing studies of interest, and the purposes for using the data.
  2. Subscribe to the kidney-reader group. Follow the following instruction on how to subscribe to a group.
  3. Once your subscription is approved, you will be able to login to the ATLAS-D2K to access the GUDMAP Sequencing Studies or GUDMAP Sequencing Studies of interest.
  4. There are two ways of download the sequencing data