Reviewing Data

In general, projects determine their own review process - driven by the PI(s). The following are some guidelines of a typical review process and how to find the status of data that has been submitted and needs review and how to submit internally approved data to the Hub.

The Curation Status field for a record determines whether you are still working on it, if it needs further internal review or is ready to send to the Hub for final review and release. Your record is not visible to the public until the Hub updates the field to Released.

NOTE: To find data with In Preparation status, you can use the Data > Dashboard links in the main menu.

The curation statuses that apply are:

Status Definition
In Preparation The record is still in ‘draft’ stage. This is the default, which means the Curation will read “In Preparation” until the data submitter changes this field.
PI Review When the data is ready for internal reviewer, the submitter should use this status. Although it specifies the PI, the PI may determine whomever they wish to fill this “Internal Reviewer” mode. The PI may also determine they don’t require an internal review and let the submitter go directly to the next stage. It’s all up to the project PIs’ discretion.
Submitted When the data is approved internally, change to this status. This will submit the data to the Hub where it will go through further review if necessary.

For more information on the full Curation workflow, see Curation Workflow.