Command lines and libraries

The ATLAS-D2K repository can be accessed programmatically through command line interfaces and libraries.


Deriva Client tools

Install deriva-client:

  • For folks that have python3 installed run: pip install deriva-client
  • For Windows/Mac users who want bundles, download here:
  • General information on deriva-client here:

Command lines

Download an exported BDBAG through command lines

  • Download and install
  • Download the appropriate export configs
  • Run the deriva-download-cli commands:
    usage: deriva-download-cli [-h] [--version] [--quiet] [--debug]
                             [--credential-file <file>]
                             [--token <auth-token> | --oauth2-token <oauth2-token>]
                             [--catalog <1>]
                             <host> <config file> <output dir> [<key=value key=value>]

    For example:

    > mkdir deriva-downloads
    > deriva-download-cli --catalog 2 ./replicate_export_config.json ./deriva-downloads rid=16-1ZX4