ATLAS-D2K User and Submitter Guide

This is the home of public documentation for the ATLAS-D2K Center, which publishes data and resources from the GUDMAP and ReBuilding A Kidney (RBK) consortiums. If you find anything that needs correcting or have suggestions for more documentation, please send email to:

Accessing the ATLAS-D2K Data

Exporting Data

Submitting Data

For members of ATLAS-D2K (specifically members of GUDMAP and RBK) to submit data, use our self-curation tools to add or edit data. Note that you must have the correct access before you are able to submit any data.

  • If the type of data you need to submit is not listed below, please contact
  • If you are publishing a paper using ATLAS-D2K data, it’s a good idea to contact us as well to make sure you have an appropriate Data Collection for optimal citation.

To add or edit data:

To upload your data files in bulk:

Images and Videos

Data Publication and Citation

Access to Internal Resources

If you need access to ATLAS-D2K resources such as the ability to submit/curate data or access the Internal site, go to Accessing ATLAS-D2K Resources.