Curation Workflow

This page describes the approved curation workflow for both ATLAS-D2K data submissions.

diagram of Curation Workflow

Curation Status Breakdown

The following status codes apply when you are editing and submitting your data:

Use this Curation Status: When you are:
In Preparation Still working on your data submission (this is the default). Not viewable by the public.
PI Review Ready for your PI (or designated reviewer) to review and approve your work. Not viewable by the public.
Submitted Ready for the Hub/Biocurator to review it. Not viewable by the public.

The following status codes apply once the Hub starts reviewing your data until it is finally visible to the public:

This Curation Status: Means:
Hub Attention Initial review by the Hub - for protocols, this usually means a triage to see if anything major is missing or confusing.
Biocurator Review For more complex data, the Biocurator reviews to make sure the data is correct and that there are enough fields filled out so that is more easily discoverable in the Data Browser.
Amendment Something has been flagged by the Hub or Biocurator and they are working with the project to amend the data
Released Everything checks out and the data is now visible by the public.